The Leica Builder is an integrated part of the L3D prefab system

L3D prefab.

L3D Prefab is a complete system for producing CAD-templates. With L3D you can all in one measure, draw and deliver templates for the production og building elements. L3D is used for a wide range of tasks: tabletops, cabinets, balconies, -even for the fitting of sailboats. With L3D you get a flexible, high performance system where quality is second to none.
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feature 1


L3D has a built-in measurement-wizard that walks you through all the phases of measurement. You do not need to remember codes, point numbers or layer names. Your model is displayed on the fly. you just have to point out the objects you want measured. L3D even shows you where you stand and where your instrument is pointing at.
feature 2

Profiles and facades

L3D has a built-in special function for the measurement of profiles and facades. L3D draws profiles directly from the survey proces. With the profile-tool of L3D, you can create profiles of everything from building facades to kitchen cabinets.
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L3D has all necessary CAD-tools to finish your drawing on location. Moreover, L3D contains a number of intelligent CAD functions that makes it easy to complete your template.
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Open standards

L3D is working on open standards. This means, that the sytem is matched to your data structure. Your data will be transferred smoothly to your cnc-machines and CAD-programs. In addition, you define the requirements to quality and other parameters that makes the construction of a digital template safe and easy. With L3D you get a system, that provides you with a ready-to-go CAD-template directly from the measurement to your production.
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Wireless Communication

L3D uses Bluetooth for communication between the measurement tool and your PC. Without annoying wires your worksite on-location can be organized more efficiently.
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mathematical optimization

L3D uses a mathematical optimization method on your measurements, to calculate the coordinates for your CAD-model. This means that you can build up large CAD models, setting up the instrument at numerous locations, while high precision is still maintained. L3D performs all calculations in secret. You'll only know if an error occurs, or if your requirements to accuracy are violated.
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Quality Assurance

L3D has built-in quality assurance, that constantly checks your measurements. Measurements that do not meet your accuracy requirements are discarded. All observations are stored in a database that gives you full documentation of your measurements. With L3D you get quality control without bureaucratic detours.
feature 1

Leica total stations

L3D is optimized for surveying with the known quality instruments from Leica Geosystems. Through a careful selection process Leica instruments has been chosen as the best choice, for the measurement of CAD templates. The high precision and sharply focused optics of Leica instruments is a prerequisite for success.

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